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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coldplay's Friends Supporting and Singing for Palestine

Coldplay wrote this via a facebook link:

Coldplay: Some of our friends are involved in OneWorld's new 'Freedom for Palestine' single - you can find out more at http://www.waronwant.org/freedomoneworld/

Freedom OneWorld - Freedom for Palestine  http://www.waronwant.org/
International musicians OneWorld release historic first ever UK single for 'Freedom for Palestine'.


So what does that really mean? Is Coldplay playing it safe?
They were not elaborate however not too denying to pinpoint .
It's unsual for musicians and celebrity figures as such to publicly endorse or hint their political perceptions. However, regardless of the truth behind Coldplay as aband and their point of view, it's nice to know that the band is not hesitant to promote its friends and their pro-palestinianity.
I don't disappointedly anticipate any clearification anytime soon, nor do I think that we will someday we will find a pro-palestinian celebrity who is not afraid to declare their stands. 
One could read the comments in response to the band's post, some slamming defenses for the so called 'Israel' is really pathetic.. Zionism has no justification what so ever !

Freaky Love Phobias, ALL 12 of Them

Complete excerpt from LLM

Romance can be pretty anxiety-inducing. From the fear of staying single to a dread of chocolate, Life's Little Mysteries has rounded up the strangest love-related phobias. Here are a dozen examples:

1. "Commitmentphobia" is a made-up phobia, but folks who fear being in a relationship may actually have amoraphobia, the fear of love.

2. People with metrophobia, the fear of poetry, would need to hire a ghostwriter if they want to pen their sweetheart a passionate verse.

3. A heart-shaped box of chocolates — that sweet Valentine's Day staple — would be more horrifying than romantic to those with xocolatophobia, the fear of chocolate.

4. Here's a phobia that is probably most common among bashful people making an overture to a crush: Erythrophobia, or fear of blushing, causes the sufferer to be extremely embarrassed and self-conscious of their reddening complexion. Talk about a vicious cycle.

5. Anyone who has ever been the victim of a particularly bad kisser can understand philematophobia, or the fear of kissing.

6. Sending a red, heart-shaped Valentine's Day card to someone with cardiophobia, the fear of the heart, would be a pretty cruel thing to do.

7. What could possibly be threatening about a bouquet of flowers? Among those with anthrophobia, or the fear of flowers, a single red rose brings about feelings of anxiety — even if it's been de-thorned.

8. People with haphephobia or aphenphosmphobia must get pretty lonely, as their phobias cause them to avoid letting anyone touch their skin.

9. Headaches caused by overwhelmingly strong, chemical scents and burns from hot wax may explain why some suffer from keriophobia — the fear of candles.

10. Guys who have anuptaphobia, the fear of staying single, might want to use a wingman to help pick up women at bars.

11. & 12. These last two go together: Ornithophobia, the fear of birds, and apiphobia, the fear of bees. One poses the threat of being pooped on from above and the other packs a painful sting, so these phobias seem pretty reasonable to us.

Biggest Icecream Cake !! Oreo Flavoured Too

complete excerpt from LLM

The giant dessert that broke the Guinness World Record for the largest ice cream cake was so huge that it had to be weighed on a scale normally used to weigh commercial airplanes.

The cake weighed in at more than 20,000 pounds and was created to celebrate the 30th birthday of the Canadian branch of the Dairy Queen franchise. The company asked food engineering students at the University of Toronto to help them design the cake so that it would meet Guinness World Records guidelines.

According to the guidelines, the ice cream cake should not collapse or melt until after it has been weighed, measured and served. It would also have to beat the previous record-holder, a 19,290-pound ice cream cake from Beijing that has held the title since 2006.

For Dairy Queen's record attempt, refrigerated trucks carrying sections of the cake arrived mid-morning on May 10 at Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square in Ontario, Canada. The ice cream cake team of DQ employees assembled the individual pallets, which were huge blocks of ice cream covered with sponge cake, on the scale platform. The workers then frosted the final combined cake with buttercream and topped it off with Oreo cookie crumbles.

Credit: Greig Reekien| Guinness World RecordsThe scale used to measure the cake is normally used to weigh commercial airplanes, and it was able to weigh the cake to the nearest 0.1 pound.

With a final weight of 22,333.6 pounds, the massive ice cream cake surpassed the previous record-holder by more than 3,000 pounds.

Now that's one impressive birthday cake!

Monday, May 30, 2011